Pink Bridal Shower Postage

Pink Bridal Shower Postage Stamps

Perfectly pretty Pink Bridal Shower Postage Stamps.

Pink is the trademark color for girls, both young and old. Classic in all its hues of light and dark pinks, like fuchsia, hot pink, baby, and champagne pink, and both bold and pale shades. These pink Bridal Shower postage stamps feature designs for every Bride-to-Be, with flowers, diamond rings, bridal gowns and dresses, and pink cocktails. Many of the designs are covered in gorgeous patterns such as damask, polka dots, chevron,  floral, gingham, and more.

• Real U.S. postage      • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• 3 sizes for all size mailings     • Produced in as few as 48 hours
• Vibrant printing and color     • FREE customization

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