Jul 23

How to Organize Your Wedding Abroad

Play a wedding in the ancient castle of the Czech Republic or on one of the Greek islands ... It seems too expensive? We share advice on how to properly plan a ceremony in order to meet an acceptable amount and fulfill your dream when you marry russian women.

Which country to choose?


Wedding in the islands of Greece is a dream of many couples! Pure sea, breathtaking landscapes ... On the websites of tour operators, one can find tours to Greece cheaper than the cost of flight, but more often these are burning vouchers. If you are dreaming of a wedding on the beach, the islands of Rhodes or Crete will suit you. For those who want photos with views of rocky coasts, Corfu Island is the best option.

Czech Republic

More and more lovers from all over the world choose the Czech Republic for the wedding ceremony. Many newlyweds rent castles and recreate old balls. Find a country house away from Prague. It will be cheaper and more colorful.


The resorts of Montenegro can offer you a lot of places for the solemn ceremony: the best terraces of the Budva Riviera, the top of the famous mountain Lovcen, the endless sea shore, the ancient fortress and others. Wedding in Montenegro will be chosen by those for whom solitude is important. Here you can find a secluded place and stay in each other's company.


Many lovers decide to celebrate their wedding in Thailand. You get not only an unusual wedding ceremony in an exotic place, but also an opportunity to spend a honeymoon on the beach. You can invite a monk to the celebration. For a nominal fee, he will hold a Buddhist wedding ritual.


One of the most beautiful places for the exchange of engagement rings is Cyprus. It was here that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born. It's sunny there at any time of the year. Wedding tourism has long been developed here. You can order a long limousine for about 200-250 euros for three hours, a convertible with convertible tops - for 140 euros, and a carriage with horses for 250-300 euros. Such prices undoubtedly attract couples to Cyprus.

Do not use the services of agencies. Self-organization of the wedding will significantly save money. You need to buy tickets, rent a room, order flowers and a transfer, select a photographer and so on. As a result, weekly celebrations in the Czech Republic or Montenegro for 10 people will cost about 160 thousand rubles. The same wedding, if you entrust its organization to an event-agency, it will cost 1.5-2 times more expensive.

Simulate the registration. Official registration abroad is possible only in 27 states. The most popular of them: Greece, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Cyprus. Many couples spend only imitation of the marriage ceremony with the purpose of saving money, and at the arrival home they marry in the registry office. The fact is that all documents must be translated into another language, notarized and delivered to the municipality, where the wedding will take place, at least one day before the ceremony.

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