Jul 23

Cool and Unusual Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Some people think that the girl's party before the wedding is needed in order to get drunk and take a picture in a pink veil. Or to touch the stripper. In an extreme case - to, as in a movie, ride in a limousine. In fact, the bachelorette party is an important ritual that allows the bride to realize her new status and accept a change in the rules of the game. How to organize a cheerful and atypical holiday for a friend? You’ll find it in this article.

Smart Party

Smart is new sexy. Contrary to all stereotypes and memes on Facebook, the smart women are also getting married! And they, too, want to have all sorts of fun on their bachelorette - including the intellectual. If you have such a misfortune as an intelligent friend, and by some miracle, she marries, respect her IQ, and make her a party before wedding right in the cinema even if you never date a single mom.

To buy champagne and oysters, to wear beautiful dresses, pearls, and feathers, and to watch a couple of old or art-house films - is this not the standard of the intellectual evening of the creative elite? Instead of a DJ, use a gramophone. Then the degree of pathos can be lowered by changing the annoying stuff from Thomas Winterberg to viewing old videos and photos from the personal archive of the bridesmaids.

The same trick can be done with the book. If your friend has a very favorite book or a writer, it's a good source for the theme of the party. "Alice in the Wonderland", "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Master and Margarita" -all these books were written with the idea that one day you will make a hen party for them. Such outfits are easily guessed and the scenery is easy to organize. The main thing is that it is not "Anna Karenina." But "50 shades of gray" is the good thing, everything is immediately clear with the location and with the attributes.

If the bride's friends, who are not very familiar with each other are going to meet at the hen party, then the quest game will suit this situation very well. Just do not forget that this is the evening of the bride. Therefore, it is better if the quest is organized for you personally, where the focus will be on the love story of the bride and groom.

Road Party

If you want to have some fun, why not go all together to another city or even abroad? Of course, it's more difficult to organize a trip than going to a bar or a pajama party, but such experience will never be forgotten. These are the memories, which then all your life will save from a bad mood, melancholy, and PMS not only for the bride but also for all friends.

If you decide on this format, then you are provided with unforgettable, anecdotal stories. Regardless of whether you can afford to look for adventure in Italy, or whether you will choose something within your country - choose the right city. You are going to a hen party. And this means that you, most likely, will not be interested in museums, architecture and the sea. Especially if it's a short trip. Choose a city that is known for its club or some special bar. Remember, that your main goal is to have fun!

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